Thursday, December 22, 2011

Weeden, Pratt go from minors to Fiesta Bowl teams

STANFORD, Calif. (AP) — Brandon Weeden and Jordan Pratt can only chuckle now about their baseball connection.

The Oklahoma State quarterback and Stanford wide receiver spent a sweltering summer together in 2005 with the Class-A Columbus Catfish, the Los Angeles Dodgers' former minor league affiliate in Georgia. After practice or before games, they'd often take a break from baseball and play out another sports fantasy.

"He'd bring out a football every once in a while and throw me routes," Pratt said. "We'd always talk about, 'If baseball doesn't work out, we'll go back and play football.' Everybody else is like, 'Yeah right, that'll never happen.' And the two of us were kind of like in the back of our minds thinking,

'Yeah? We're going to do this if baseball doesn't work out.'"

They might be the only the ones not surprised by this rare Fiesta Bowl reunion.

Weeden, Oklahoma State's 28-year-old starting quarterback nicknamed "Grandpa" by students, dropped baseball in 2007 for the gridiron. Pratt, a freshman walk-on wide receiver at Stanford some call "The Professor," is just beginning his college career at age 26 after eight years in the minors.

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