Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kye Staley Scores First Touchdown

Q&A with OSU fullback Kye Staley: ‘I was glad to finally get that first touchdown'

Staley, the former Guthrie standout who suffered a catastrophic knee injury two years ago, scored on an 18-yard pass from Brandon Weeden in the first quarter.

How did it feel to score that touchdown?

“All I can say is ‘finally.' Been here for four years — everybody knows my story — and I was glad to finally get that first touchdown. Coach tells us all the time to act like we've been there; well I tell him, ‘If I get there, I won't know how to act.' I just celebrated and thanked the man above.”

Were you surprised you were that open?

“Yeah I was. We ran it earlier in the game, and I was kinda wide open then and was hoping we'd go back to it. When he called it, I was licking my lips, and when I caught it, I looked up and thought I'd have to run full speed and get this touchdown finally.”

Talk about getting back out there after the injury.

“It's just been long. I still remember the days when I had just got out of surgery and wasn't able to do anything, wasn't able to walk. The dedication and the hard work that it took finally paid off.” This article was written by Jason Kersey, staff writer for the Daily Oklahoman.

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