Friday, October 14, 2011

Vernand Morency: The Makings of a DC Empire

Former Oklahoma State Cowboy, MLB and NFL player Vernand Morency consults on a construction project. At first glance, one wouldn’t think that Vernand Morency would be a major power player in DC development. He is quiet, giving, and humble. He is not ostenta- tious nor is he pretentious. Yet, at the age of 27, this former Colorado Rockies and Green Bay Packers player was a partner in a syndicate group with T. Boone Pickens that developed a stadium at Oklahoma State University in excess of $250 million. Now Morency, 31, is one of the contractors who is directly involved in building City Center DC, located at the old convention center downtown, for an estimated $950 million. He is the President and CEO of Morency Enterprises, specializing in interior construction and real estate services. But there is more to Vernand Morency than meets the eye.

Morency Takes His Talents To Construction and Real Estate

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