Saturday, September 3, 2011

OSU Game Day vs. Louisiana

Its been an exciting day in Stillwater as team and community prepare for the Louisiana contest.  The students have been camped outside the stadium since Thursday in hopes of getting priority seating.  A great crowd should be on-hand tonight for the Cowboys' opener inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

The team has expressed a lot of excitement to get the season underway.  I think the general feeling is everyone is ready to smash helmets with someone other than a teammate.  A lot of hard work and dedication has taken place over the last eight months.

OSU has been in full team mode since Friday at noon.  The Cowboys attended a movie last night and just relaxed prior to the big game.  This morning everyone was at breakfast and getting focused on the task at hand.  OSU held its usual walk through in the stadium before heading off to meetings.

The team should start its "Walk" just before 4 p.m. CT and be ready to play once at the field.  The "Walk" is a special tradition at Oklahoma State, where fans line the street from the team hotel to the stadium.  The Cowboys make their way to the field meeting fans, family and supporters.


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