Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rain Delay in Tulsa

The Oklahoma State - Tulsa football games set for Saturday night in Skelly Stadium is currently in a rain delay. TU and OSU officials will be meeting soon to discuss the game plan for the delay.

10:10 pm update - National Weather Service is predicting another 10 minutes of lightning. After the lightning leaves the area it will be a 30-minute Delay before the teams will be allowed back on the field. As of right now, we are still going to play the game.

11:00 pm update - Rain continues to fall in Tulsa. The head officials continue to meet and monitor the weather.

*** On a positive note, OSU will play at Texas A&M next Saturday at 2:30 pm on ABC Sports.

11:07 pm - Another lightning bolt...means another 30 minutes

11:37 pm - The announcement is an 11:55 pm kick if the weather holds...IF..teams will need 25 mins to warmup.

11:45 pm - The teams are back on the field! Let's play!

I will post more as it's available.

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