Sunday, November 20, 2011

OSU football: Cowboys back in the title hunt

On Saturday afternoon, driving from Dallas to Waco, I processed all the Oklahoma State bowl possibilities. I even came up with a doomsday scenario by which conspiracy could drop the Cowboys all the way to the Insight Bowl.

On Saturday night (actually Sunday morning), driving from Waco to Dallas, I did the same. And came up with a scenario by which the Cowboys could be back in the Big Bowl.

That was the result of the Saturday Night Massacre. A day that began with North Carolina State’s upset of seventh-ranked Clemson continued into Saturday night, when Baylor stunned No. 5 Oklahoma and Southern Cal beat No. 4 Oregon. And suddenly, the BCS rankings released later Sunday likely are to look like this: 1. LSU; 2. Alabama; 3. Arkansas; 4. Oklahoma State; 5. Stanford.

OSU Still Controls Destiny

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