Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Former Cowboy Kendall Hunter's Blog

Kendall Hunter's Bio

Former Oklahoma State running back and current San Francisco 49er Kendall Hunter has enjoyed his first season in the NFL. He has emerged as a key contributor for the 49ers but managed to return to OSU during their bye week. Check out Kendall's blog on 49ers.com.

Hunter's Blog: Mid-Season Form

Kendall Hunter has become the 49ers second-string running back in his rookie season out of Oklahoma State. After getting some home cooking and spending time with his family during the bye week, Hunter said he’s looking forward to facing the Cleveland Browns at Candlestick Park on Sunday. Here’s an update on Hunter, as told to 49ers.com.

The bye week was cool. I got the chance to go back home and see my family. We really didn’t do much, I just relaxed around the house with my mother, brother and my sister and it was great. I also had a chance to watch Oklahoma State play on Saturday. It’s cool to see that they’re still undefeated and I’m just really happy for them, especially the young running backs.

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